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    About us

    Ningxia Sikeda Biotechnology Co., Ltd. was built in 2014, located at No. 8,Fine Chemical South Road, Pingluo Fine Chemical Base, Shizuishan city, Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region. The company covers an area of 189mu, a registered capital of 15 million yuan RMB, a total investment of about 200 million yuan RMB, and the company has more than 210 employees. Combined with the existing resource advantages in Ningxia, to become unique high-tech fine chemical enterprises in Shizuishan city as the company's goal, high value-added medicine and pesticide intermediates’ RD and production as emphasis, has obtained 6 national invention patents, has been passed Autonomous Region small and medium-sized enterprise qualification cognizance on Dec. 12,2019.

    Development process

    Corporate culture

    Enterprise goal: domestic first-class, international leading pharmaceutical and pesticide intermediate supplier and service provider
    Spirit of enterprise: unity, pragmatism, openness, innovation
    Enterprise Mission: Technology is the key to survival
    Quality policy: quality first, integrity-based, customer satisfaction, continuous improvement

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    Product Center

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  • This online order platform has doubled the order efficiency.
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  • Adhering to the concept of people-oriented,arranging jobs according to everyone's talent,promising to win each other.
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